Welcome to the world Levi!!!!

Congrats Rusty & Mindy! He is a perfect and beautiful baby boy, such a breathtaking gift from God. I love all of you! I want to thank them for letting me share in this experience one more time. I had the privilege of seeing Maggie come into the world and seeing little Levi was just as amazing. I was able to be there for pretty much the whole thing. I got there at around 9:40 Monday night and was there until around 2pm Tuesday. I cried on the way home after just thinking about the miracle that he is and thinking about my own little Oren. Then I sat here going through the photos and cried even more. It is such a wonderful thing to capture emotion in this way. I loved every minute of it. They got to come home today so I'm sure Min will be sharing the whole story on her blog very soon.

waiting on Levi to get here

Levi Asa born at 10:28am January 22nd

8lbs 4oz, 18 3/4 inches long

Levi's first bath in the hospital

Me & Oren with Mindy & Levi (they are a month and 19 days apart!!)
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